Fraud Calls and Message फ्रॉड से इन नए तरीकों से कैसे बचें?

Scammers devise new ways to steal money and personal info. Awareness is key to safeguarding against common scams.

 Parcel Scam, Lottery Scam, Tech Support Scam, Outstanding Payment Scam,  Loan Scam, Romance Scam, Fake Job Offer Scam, Classifieds Website Scam,  UPI Scam.

Common Scams

 Stay calm, Do not give out info/money, Disconnect & report to Sanchar Saathi Portal, or Cybercrime Portal, or Call 1930.

What to Do if Contacted by a Scammer

 Real officials won't ask for money, personal information, OTP etc,   Verify suspicious calls/messages.


 Beware of unsolicited contact, Verify senders, Use strong passwords, Install security software, Be cautious online.

Additional Tips

Protect yourself and others from scams. Stay informed and vigilant.