Top 10 places in the US to travel

New York City, NY

The city that never sleeps offers endless opportunities for  storytelling, from the iconic landmarks of Central Park and the Statue  of Liberty to the diverse neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens.


Dashed Trail

San Francisco, CA

The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the cable cars are just a  few of the attractions that make San Francisco a beloved destination for  visitors and writers alike.


Nashville, TN

Known as the Music City, Nashville boasts a rich musical history and a  thriving contemporary scene, as well as delicious Southern cuisine and  friendly locals.


New Orleans, LA

The Big Easy is a cultural melting pot that showcases the best of  African, French, and American traditions, with vibrant music, cuisine,  and architecture that will inspire any writer.


Chicago, IL

The Windy City has it all, from stunning architecture and public art to  world-class museums and sports teams, not to mention the deep-dish  pizza and the blues music.


Santa Fe, NM

The capital of New Mexico is a haven for artists and nature lovers, with  its adobe architecture, Native American heritage, and stunning  landscapes of mountains and deserts.


Seattle, WA

The Emerald City is a gateway to the Pacific Northwest, with its scenic  waterfront, bustling markets, innovative tech scene, and coffee culture.


Austin, TX

The capital of Texas is a hub of creativity and innovation, with a  thriving music, film, and food scene, as well as a strong sense of  community and sustainability.


Portland, OR

Known as the City of Roses, Portland is a haven for hipsters, foodies,  and outdoor enthusiasts, with its bike-friendly streets, microbreweries,  and scenic trails.


Miami, FL

The Magic City is a tropical paradise that blends Latin American and  Caribbean influences with art deco architecture and vibrant nightlife,  not to mention the beautiful beaches and the Everglades National Park.