9 Signs That Tell You Might Need Glasses and the Importance of Not Neglecting Them


1. You are squinting to see things

As you read this, are you squinting? If so, relax your face. Are the words a little blurry now? If so, you may need glasses.

2. Blurred vision

Burred vision can also be a sign of farsightedness or farsightedness. All of which can be corrected with glasses.

3. You are experiencing eyestrain

Eyestrain can hinder your ability to focus and complete your usual routine. Essentially, eyestrain means that your eyes are tired.

4. You have to zoom in on books to see them clearly

Presbyopia, or decreased ability to focus and see things up close. It is also often called age-related hyperopia. It usually begins to occur around age 40.

5. It is more difficult to see at night

Night blindness, which describes the difficulty of seeing things in dimly lit places or in the dark, can also mean that you need glasses

6. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust to changes in light.

If your eye is taking longer than normal to adjust in changing liight, it’s time to talk to your doctor to see if glasses can help correct this.

7. You have frequent headaches

Headaches can occur from several reasonssuch as dehydration, diet, stress, and hormones. Another common reason is vision problems.

8. Distorted vision

Distorted or wavy vision is often described as things looking underwater. Lines and colors are distorted as waves appear to ripple through them.

9. See halos

Have you noticed that the lights at night tend to scatter? Like a halo around the source? Seer halos around lights such as headlights or street lamps is another sign that you may need glasses.

If any of the signs on this list sound familiar, it’s time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Just because you’re making it work doesn’t mean your vision is as good as it can be. Why not see life to the fullest?

But it is more than that. Ignoring vision problems can put your health at risk. poor vision can increase risk of injury or decrease their quality of life.